About us

Founded by doctors and driven by medical expertise, we are a healthcare technology company building the global digital health network.

We are leading the charge in the digital transformation of healthcare. We create beautiful, simple software solutions to digitise complex healthcare systems.

We care deeply about our ethical responsibility working with health data. Our approach is underpinned by transparency, choice, and consent.

We exist to enable better healthcare for everyone.

Global Presence

We do hard things at pace, transcending boundaries and geographies. We are headquartered in the UK with operations in Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East and South Asia, with further locations on the horizon.

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Our culture & values

Kind, ambitious, impactful.

Life at Elephant

One team, one mission.

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Rapidly growing scale-up with a global and diverse team.

Our partners

Elephant partners with governments to digitise health systems and to deliver world-class technological solutions in some of the world’s more remote and unique locations.

We are backed by leading investors and global health experts.

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50% of the world’s population do not have access to the healthcare they need.

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